"This is just what I was looking for, real people with real concerns about their retirement, who need my help" - G.G., Independent SAFE MONEY Advisor.

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Would you rather track a potential sale down or have a potential sale track you down?

Buy Annuity and Life Insurance (Inbound Required Minimum Distribution Leads)

Are you looking for high quality annuity and life insurance leads?
Do you have the time to answer your phone and schedule appointments?

Unlike lead programs where you are paying for recycled leads that are sold over and over, the SafeMoneyLeads.com buy leads program is specific to you. This exclusive marketing program is designed and executed entirely on your behalf and all the results are exclusively yours and only your phone will ring. Every call received, every appointment set  belongs to you and you alone.

Safemoneyleads.com helps to create relationships between licensed financial professionals and consumers seeking information about retirement. Option number two “buy leads” will allow you access to our exclusive Safe Money Leads direct mail system that will make your phone ring at least 20 times guaranteed per lead purchase. These inbound phone calls are from potential annuity and life insurance consumers concerned about Required Minimum Distributions ("RMD's") and un aware of how RMD's work. These concerned individuals are seeking their free booklet to required minimum distributions to provide them safety from the unforeseen tax burden that could arise.

This is what you will need to make this campaign a huge success:

1.    A designated phone line that can be used only for these inbound calls. (Can be a cell phone)
2.    A full week set aside to answer these calls and start relationships, and the time and motivation to answer this
       designated line “every time it rings”.
3.    Do not answer the phone as if you are a business (just say hello…)
4.    Take the time to listen and answer the prospects questions.
5.    Set a time to drop off the booklet or set an appointment in your office to go through the booklet. DO NOT MAIL
6.    Use this booklet as a guideline to your first meeting.

This is a relationship building opportunity with someone in need of your expertise. In today’s world information is on overload and most potential buyers are reluctant and not trusting. That is why it is so important to take the time to listen and begin to establish a relationship of trust through communication.

The Power of These Leads! Buy-Leads-Aqua button

All other lead systems require you to hunt down the prospect and res stimulate their original interest and impulse to buy, therefore having to resell the person all over again.

Lead Process:

1. We design, print and mail our proprietary mail piece
2. Prospects receive the mailer and call the toll free number found on the mailer
3. You answer the call, screen and qualify each prospect
4. If you miss the call, the entire phone call is recorded and available to review
5. You will receive an email with in 10 seconds containing the recorded call
6. Just click on the attachment, found in your email and listen to the call
7. We provide you with the booklet requested as well as call scripts
8. DO NOT MAIL the booklet, set appointment on your first call

This is just one facet to what we can provide:

Do you have a newsletter? Or an email drip system? Are you utilizing social media? Do you have a website? Have you heard of Google Adwords? All of these things are of the utmost importance to your marketing, branding and advertising efforts. We can provide all these to you at no cost in our partnership program.